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Hey! I'm a Seattle based digital media artist whose roots stem from a diverse background of artistic & technical industries.

I strive for constant improvement - pushing my abilities,  to create impactful designs to effect positive change in the way humans interact with technology in their lives.

Life Long Learning

Education is a passion of mine. Technology, video and online media has allowed me to overcome learning disabilities that once held me back, enabling my love of learning. One day I hope to effect positive change in the world through providing education to all who would seek it.

Science & Technology

Devices we take for granted every day have created incalculable increases to the general quality of life across the world, but problems persist. Many cannot effectively use their devices, leading them to feel left out. I hope to help improve usability & provide communicative designs to increase the accessibility of technology.


Stories are a fundamental piece of how we communicate ideas to one another. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, movie, book, show, or text on a blog post - the feelings & ideas they impart are what captures the mind of the viewer. Keeping them coming back for more.


Role-playing games are a unique tool for learning to impart information to one another. The GM (game master) - who runs the game – envisions a story that’s described to players who use their characters to navigate the story's challenges. The characters of the stories you tell act as an exercise in putting yourself in someone else’s shoes; a skill that has far-reaching applications outside the games.