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Location-based Social Media App



Interaction Designer, UX/UI Designer, Visual Designer, Product Designer

The problem to solve

This project is a visualization of a location-based social media app where individuals could connect in and around their area by joining in public chat, meeting locals, and connecting with brand new people.

The app sets out to create low stake opportunities to connect with people around you without the need to directly encounter one another.

What value does this create?

It's great when you meet someone who you strike up a conversation with and hit it off. The problem is this doesn't happen often for some in their day-to-day lives with any regularity.

This conceptual application sets out to aid you in discovering people in your area who share common interest, who are advertising events you want to attend or just generally providing more opportunities in which to make new friends!

Broadcast interaction

See how it works

You are only ever visible when the app is active, but broadcasting your location for anyone to see comes with obvious privacy concerns. The design keeps this in mind as an initial priority.

Instead of giving you a full profile with a location, users join nodes in range where they become present. To begin, people you encounter appear only with public info, but as you meet with people, they become yellow – indicating you directly encountered each other but not connected yet. Finally blue, where you directly connect profiles.

The results

Part of this project was to create a landing page, designed to feature on Behance. For this, I wanted to convey the ideas present in the application to the viewer through the final result which can be seen below.

Design Layout

Each section of the design was created to encapsulate one aspect of the design within the scope of the view-port, leaving the viewer to focus on the ideas being imparted, instead of being distracted by visual overlap or clutter.





Style Guide

The monochromatic theme of this project was chosen to convey a sense of peace & balance to its users. The singular color scheme helps to give the overall design a consistent feel while highlighting the elements that are not apart of the general schema.