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Small Business Visual & Web Design

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Visual Designer, Production Designer, UI Designer, Illustrator (graphics, icons, logo)

The problem to solve

PressHound is a small business client who approached me looking for assistance in exploring different visual design styles to match their products thematic purpose by working with the companies COO to iterate the design and eventually assemble the site using a provided bootstrap template.


Together we discussed what was needed in the landing pages design while working in Figma. I assembled wireframes to help visualize & order the components of the bootstrap template, creating a layout for the final deliverable.


With each piece, it’s important to establish the grids & guides early in the process to maintain a consistent design. Each piece must have a meaning in the design, reducing clutter to allow for a clear layout that is suited to the changes in size, shapes, and resolutions of the various places it could be viewed.





Style Guide

The design brief called for as much simplification possible in text, layout, and styling to achieve a successful design. As such I selected a monochromatic theme - blues for imparting trust - and Open Sans as the sole font since the family has a wide range of weights to use in distinguishing information through its visual hierarchy.

Thematic Variants

The design for this project's style evolved, taking what was successful from designing & iterating on the visuals with input - getting ever closer to the client’s vision, with the graphics being developing as I went.